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Claire Holt

BHSII - UKCC3 Accredited Professional Coach

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Horses have been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember and still are today.

Horse ownership in my opinion is only the start of the experience, especially if the rider has ambitions however big or small. This can range from being confidant to hack out safely, improving your schooling at home, or dealing with any issues and habits that may have developed or have been inherited from a previous owner. Going right through to the other end of the scale wanting a chance to embrace further training and knowledge to enable you to fulfil your dreams with the potential to achieve higher goals in the equine world. Whatever your plan, finding the right coach to assist you with your aspirations can be a minefield.

It is said "a good rider lives off a small number of good steps and builds on them", but how is that achieved?

To establish a partnership with your horse or pony is the first step. Then working towards setting achievable goals with training methods which are realistic, with a trainer who coaches and supports you along the way. One of the main elements is good planned instruction. The final and most important aspect is regular and consistent practice, not only to make "it" perfect, but to make "it" permanent.

The training of both horse and rider in the early stages must be a progressive development to allow conditioning of not only the physical but also the mental development at a pace conducive to the partnership. Keeping the balance of these aspects creates a solid foundation to build confidence, knowledge and performance leading to productive results for the future, whatever the discipline.

This is where I can help as I individually design all my training to suit any RIDER, on any HORSE at any LEVEL, to help you achieve your goals. Whether this is for improvement in training for competitions or to become a more knowledgeable, confidant and experienced horse person, I believe I can help make your ambitions and dreams start to become a reality.


March 2018